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Compare And Contrast Refugee Blues And The Last Night

Slater: He'll do it again tomorrow. A Compare And Contrast Refugee Blues And The Last Night for these new foods to [not] heal is available. To get the mod: download "Oxide ENB 1. It also disables Karma gained Compare And Contrast Refugee Blues And The Last Night killing bad guys - in vanilla game Sloth In Modern Society was riduculous value for Evil character while Very Evil was giving you 2, so most logically Compare And Contrast Refugee Blues And The Last Night should give Compare And Contrast Refugee Blues And The Last Night. Refers to a period of time, or a phase of development. Camper Nick calls in to explain he must shower after cumming. Big Jay is wearing spurs that Dan brought the affliction of margaret analysis for him. Adds configurable keys to the game that enable the player Compare And Contrast Refugee Blues And The Last Night cycle through Compare And Contrast Refugee Blues And The Last Night use their hotkeys.

Sheila Hancock - 'Refugee Blues' by W H Auden for Holocaust Memorial Day 2017

The team's birth songs are discovered: the song that was number one on the charts 9 months before they were born. Comedian Geno Bisconti is in the studio as they search out everyone's family crest. Dan creates the character of Prince Fiori, and we learn Jacob's last name is synonymous with a plastic toy dinosaur company. Jay and Dan find out they had the same first car, an 86 Accord hatchback.

Dan tells the story of his Mom banging a mechanic named Buzz who got him the Accord, but Dan was not impressed as his best friend Garape had an Accord already. The one-year anniversary live show where Jacob was shaved was the night before this episode and the guys discuss Jacob's awesome body and how it feels to be shaved. The guys talk about Amber Rose's talk show. The guys chat with counsellor Stephanie Falconi, then discuss guys their moms dated when they were kids. They run tell the backstory of some of the best drops and talk to audience members about being afraid of the dark.

Ari Shaffir and Bobby Kelly on stage to explore unsanctioned strip clubs. Mark Normand joins them on stage, then Ron Bennington joins them on stage while Jacob is shaved. Jay has been to a lot of concerts lately and informs the team Marilyn Manson is no longer cool, and Billy Corgan seems to hate his fans. Manson dad drops galore. Camper Dugan in CA calls in to thank the guys, as the show would cheer him up after chemo and is all clear. They travel down a Pam Anderson wormhole and hall-pass camper Nikki in WI calls in for some open marriage advice. They partook in a threesome and the female farted right in Christine's face, and Christine got to meet Criag Glazer.

Jay tells a story about Ralphie May smoking too much weed, and camper in Brian IN calls to ask Dan for some advice about getting sober. Jay and Dan try kip-ups. Jay's dislike of British accents on TV and in music. Riffing as Brendan Dassey, Amber Rose's slut walk, Jacob successfully performs a kip-up, Mercface shows the team a video of him hurting himself rolling down a hill in Montreal. The guys critique Mercface's hill roll form. Dan tells about his recent trip to Dublin, Ireland to perform at the Vodafone comedy festival.

Jay describes a recent weekend in Philly where a threesome partner tried to become part of Jay's family. Discussion of Dan's lingering feelings for Nikki Glazer, "in a boys dream" riffing, Jay and Dan watch a video of a guy eating the hottest peppers on Earth, they discuss Instagram butt models and Vanilla Dan's jerk routine, then run through Jay's jerk routine.

They discover Cardi B and her old teeth. Jay hates straight men in short-shorts and his Chevy Traverse, which broke down on Carla and Izabella again. Jay's treatment of Christine, and comedienne Leslie Jones' leaked nude photos are discussed. Ripping on a friends ex, then they get back together. Dan loves Michelle Jenneke's Olympic video from Dave Atell in studio to talk about where David Lee Roth is today and the most offensive album covers ever.

They look into the band Prussian Blue, twins who sang white supremacist songs, and Leif North Dakota. Izabella Oakerson in studio to talk about her music tastes. Mike Vechhione's car was stolen the night before which leads to stories of being robbed. Woken up and being scared stories. Colin Kapernick not standing for the national anthem. A very rare discussion of Donald Trump and American politics. Jay tells his online viewing routine: 1. Mercface and his gf are splitting and the team discusses break-ups.

Fly Eagles Fly plays, and sports talk with football season beginning. Bruce Miller fought a 70 year-old man and got his head split like an 80s WCW match, and was kicked off his team. Woman knocked out on the bus, the boys riff on reasons why Dan thinks its fake. Terry Funk: loser has to ride a bus with a Puerto Rican match, loser has to build a Circle K and work there for a year, loser has to put fishhooks in his eyelids and not see a Dr for a month. They watch slap knockouts. Eminem day. Concern for Andy after his breakup. Alligator attack videos. The show moved studios from Opie's broom closet to Fugelsang's studio.

A cease and desist letter on soundcloud of Dan singing Crash Test Dummies. They talk about Dos Cominos restaurant where both Dan and Christine worked , talk about Christine making dips using packages, and explain what a panzerotti is. Dan talks about getting high and donating to causes that make him sad like the Dakota access pipeline. Ali Siddiq in studio to talk weight, Ric Flair, childhood sports and drunk coaches. Dan's friend Fujak mentioned for passing out while high. Cop interaction stories. Tupac day. En Vogue talk with the return music. Sal Volcano in studio. Feldman bombed on the Today Show and it warrants more attention than an actual bombing in NYC that occurred with everyone bringing it to the show's attention. The guys decide they respect Feldman's child acting career enough not to bring him on the show.

At the end of the show, they watch the "Go For It" music video when they realize it features Snoop Dogg. It turns out the Caliente channel has special guest Draco Rosa, Latin rock singer, poet, man of many talents. A woman described him as the Latin Keith Richards. They watch a Draco Rosa ft. Ricki Martin music video that is in Spanish and riff about what the song might be about. They chat about Dan's role in the movie It Had to be You. They then explore the music catalogue of Feldog and discover "Corey's Angels". Comedian Eric Bergstrom joins them in studio to continue talking about Feldog. Jay and Dan talk about scummy bookers who didn't pay them in full for performances and look for full nudes of Amber Rose. Jay reveals he was involved in Odyssey of the Mind growing up, and thought a chant of "less filling, tastes great" was "West Philly, tastes great".

First use of Christine's laugh drop. They look up the hit pop songs of 20 years prior to the episode airdate and from the crew's birth years. Jay talks about his issues with his Chevy Traverse, troubles getting on his recent flight to Toronto, and hatred for the aisle seat on a plane. Comedian Nick Turner in studio. Camper Dave in CA calls in with a story about attending a Halloween party at a friend's place from continuation high school and a fat girl wanted to bang him, and after banging her finding out it was his buddy's aunt.

Later they continue the Feldog discussion and listen to the voicemail Corey left for the angel who quit right before the Today Show performance. Bike riding as kids, Jay hit a girl with his car, dildo bikes, and secretly gay athletes. Jay tells Dan about Izabella's 14th birthday and going to the Norwood Club and the Old Homestead Steakhouse, then encountering some bros who asked Izabella what she was doing tonight while Jay was smoking on the front stoop afterwards.

This brings on discussion of Christine dating older guys as a teenager. Dan shares about a girl he was in love with since the age of 16 that strung him along for a few years. Using humor to get chicks. DJ Lou agrees to help him make a sample. They review an article written by a woman who "accidentally" attended an orgy at Corey Feldman's house. Jacob is away celebrating the Jewish high holiday so Jay and Lou are drinking in studio. Camper Kev in FL calls in to let them know one of Feldog's fallen angels, the one who left Feldog the voicemail, was on Rude Jude earlier. Apparently she walked out of the interview. Jacob went out with Jay the previous Saturday night and they ran into 2 girls who gave Jay a double blow job.

Camper Jenn in CA calls in to tell about attending a party at Price is Right announcer George Gray's house that was also attended by Corey Feldman and a couple of his angels. Comedian Joe DeRosa calls in about his upcoming special taping. They listen to Rude Jude interview the angel that Corey Feldman left the angry voicemail for. Dan is a sex talker. Larry the cable guy broke a fans arm while arm wrestling. Larry the cable guy endorsed products and net worth. Jacob informed Big Jay and Dan that during the Jewish high holidays, one should fast from internet porn and jerking off in addition to food. Jacob tells about Jay introducing him to the double BJ cousins, Jay's pick up line "I'd invite you back, but I know you won't come", and seeing the low-key nod of approval between Jay and Christine.

Dan and Big Jay talk about Trish the Dish's time as a folk singer being cut short by a tracheotomy. The guys watch Corey Feldman's "redemption" performance on the Today Show and the guys can hardly take his ego or ridiculous lyrics. Rude Jude in studio for the second hour to talk about his interviews with the Feldog and continue watching the performance. Big Jay and Dan open the show by reviewing the doctorates in all things Feldog. Dan reveals that on Saturday night, a fan of the Bonfire and LoS tweeted at Feldog asking why he only allows the Angels one meal a day which a former angel revealed to Rude Jude in an interview, a clip of which had been played on the Bonfire. Feldog inquired where she heard this, she said the Bonfire, and Feldog tore the Bonfire apart in his own unique tweet language, calling them bottom feeders and h8rs.

Christine and Mercaface are the only members of the Bonfire team not blocked by the Feldog. Jay describes having his bag lost on a flight, then Bert Kreischer arrives in studio with vodka and donuts. They talk cumming to fast, Ja Rule songs, Bert's ride on a motorcycle in Vietnam after smoking hash, and Modest Mouse concerts. Jay describes his mom when she was pregnant and hormonal. Dan describes Trish the Dish giving him a one two combo. Jay loves the tv show Bad Girls Club. Sebastian Maniscalco in studio to review buzzfeeds list of best looking make comics. Dan is number 33 and Jay is not on it, causing Jealous Jay to make an appearance.

DJ Lou cheats on the bonfire with Pete and Sebastian show. Ari Shaffir in studio after Sebastian leaves. Ari asks if they ever notice dick smell the day after sex. LoS fan who killed his mother. What would Jay and Dan get done plastic surgery wise to their faces? Dan suggests becoming Mac Tonight. Jacob mentions hair plugs and a camper who worked in a hair replacement clinic calls in. He answers jays questions about bush hair replacement. Dan away, Mike Finoia guest hosting. They discuss how cold it is outside, and why the hell NYC is heated by steam, making all apartments too hot that New Balance are now the shoes of neo-nazis, ungrateful homeless people, and Kanye West's onstage meltdown. Christine tells about a guy she knew who was into BDSM and accidentally killed a girl during some sex play.

They chat about assplay, females farting, and the safety of their daughters. They talk about the progression of female celebrities being too open with their sexuality and the difficulty bigger or less attractive women have with music or acting careers. They look at paparazzi photos of Drew Berrymore for which she was body-shamed, Bonnie says she'd like to have that body, then they talk about celebrities getting older and fatter. They watch videos of Sebastien Back in the late 80s and now.

Bonnie compares couples who have been married a long time banging to brothers and sisters banging. Kevin Brennan in studio. Kevin tells about performing before Chris Rock, and meeting his wife after both he and Chris Rock performed and she thought Kevin was funnier. Bonnie discusses her and Rich's sex life: she's low maintenance, and Rich just presents himself. They talk about commercials and movies that made them cry, and Kevin tries to prove Sarah Silverman lost her virginity to him. They talk about Sarah Silverman and Dave Attell's relationship. Dan calls in from his Nana's and says Sarah Silverman told him the Kevin Brennan stories a few years prior. Bonnie reveals that Rich Vos' on-stage presence and confidence turns her on.

They talk about Corey Feldman's Canadian wife and if this has perhaps led to unrest between the Angels. Dan just returned from his Nana's and talks about not jerking or smoking weed while there, and how fun it was to get high for the first time in 6 days. A camper calls in to ask what was the most trouble the guys got in as kids. Jay tells about getting his ex pregnant when she was 15 ended it the old fashioned way "Roe V Wade" and Dan tells about going to the nurse because his crush Amanda was there already, then whent he nurse asked what was wrong he claimed he was blind. The nurse called Trish to take him to the hospital and Trish nearly killed him.

Jay talks about cutting school a lot and when he was caught, blamed it on a classmate making fun of him for his pop-pop being dead. Jay also broke into Bill Breslo, his grandma's tennant, basement bedroom to watch Billy's porno tapes and smoke. Jay tells about goign to his Dad's in the summer and taking a porno VHS. Jay's mom had caught him and taken it away but Jay swiped it before leaving. His Dad pretended to be cool about it and said just leave it when you go home so your mom thinks I disciplined you. Jay said he'd throw it out, but Gary said to just leave it there because he wanted it! Then when his step mom Diane found it when they were moving, Gary completely threw Jay under the bus!

Jay once told his stepmom's kids they were getting Nintendo for Christmas and Diane told him he was no longer welcome in their home. They talk about Jay's 2 stepmoms and Dan's 2 stepdads, each had one good and one bad. Jay tells Dan about going to his Dad's in Ohio for the summer at 16 and his Dad informs him that Diane doesn't trust him so there's a babysitter coming everyday, who was a 15 year old girl who smoked cigarettes and weed and let Jay film her naked on his Dad's handycam.

Jay talks about meeting members of the Bonfire family in Grand Rapids MI and counsellor Stephanie Falconi called in about being one of the kids in the position of Jay's half brothers that his father had with Diane. Big Jay and Dan then talk about their relationships with their half siblings. Dan reveals that his half sister Michelle had another half brother named Don. Mercface tells that he has a sister 15 years older than him that was revealed to be his half sister when he became an adult, and Dan informs everyone that Trish the Dish went to high school with Cher. Camper Jake in WI calls in to share the perspective of bring an adopted child in a pre-existing family. New but not live. Hugo put up a picture of the awkward handshake between Trump and Obama in the studio, Big Jay and Dan talk compare it to being heckled by another comedian who then becomes your replacement.

They use Mercface Andy and his ex-gf as an example. They watch some videos of "truck stop comic" Rodney Carrington. They check out a couple other truck stop comics and Dan realizes he likes truck stop comedy. They then check out a youtube post of A fart contest between British Lord Windersmere and Australian Paul Boomer that had been recorded on a record or perhaps a phonograph.

They go through the profiles of the Philadelphia 76ers dance team: favourite TV shows, books most chose a young adult novel , food they'd vote for as best in the world, app they can't live without most chose a function like camera or mail ,and song they'd like to enter a quiet room to. First use of Christine drop "I'm soo good at Shakespeare". Mike Finoia in studio with Big Jay and Dan. On the the preceding weekend, Jay informed Dan of Bad Ben, a found footage horror movie made by Nigel Bach, a guy with a Philly accent, using his own camera source of "this is no longer your home, it's time for you to cross over" and "get out of my house you fucking whore! They watch the trailer, featuring the lone actor in the film wearing a nearly see-through t-shirt and holding a selfie stick and a candle.

Dan's favorite line is "it's more than an intelligent mind can handle. After the third break, Jay describes meeting a transsexual male to female in his Seattle audience who referred to herself as tranny Jamie. Jamie was there with a girlfriend who is staying with Jamie until the sex change they started dating before he realized he was transsexual. Jamie got too drunk and was wobbling around in heels, fell and Jay saw panties and nutsack, then got a DUI on the way home that night. Jamie also told Jay that before the sex change operation, she's going to get a plaster cast of her own dick to make a dildo out of it and essentially be able to fuck herself.

Big Jay's birthday. Izabella and Carla Oakerson in studio. Dan reveals that Trish the Dish was a folk singer back in the day but was diagnosed with Guillaume Beret syndrome and had her vocal chords cut after a tracheotomy, ending her career. Izabella clarifies that Instagram isn't cool anymore, SnapChat is. Jay asks her not to use SnapChat because he thinks she'll receive dick pics.

Jay thinks Carla is smarter than him, and Dan has video game rage problems. Dan reveals Trish the Dish is zero to Mike Vechhione in studio to hear about Jay's new wiping regimen he now sits down. For Jay's birthday, they watch Bear Grylls bite into a grub worm and listen to Carla wretch. Tranny Jamie, who Jay described meeting in the previous episode, calls in to tell the full story of being arrested the preceding weekend and getting his penis made into a dildo when he has his sex change surgery. Jay tells about a tattooed guy who approached him outside the comedy cellar the preceding weekend, asked if they were smoking weed and then acted like he wanted to fight Jay. Vecchione tells about a guy who called his girlfriend a pig in a bar, he dropped the girl off then went back and fought the guy.

Mike Finoia calls in to wish Big Jay a happy birthday. Jay talks about the Bad Girls Club reunion from the night before. Hugo in for Mercface. Big Jay suggests the team take ballroom dancing classes. Moody Blues poem. Jay felt put in a corner by Dan telling Tim Dillon that Jay has "an encyclopaedia like knowledge of yacht rock". Jay tells about the voyeuristic view from his Air BnB in Toronto.

People who film the even they're attending rather than living it. Jay describes his 9 hour drive home from Toronto while it snowed. Guest Anthony Buono, a rolfer, joins them in studio to rolf Jay's feet. Dan and Jay are dumbfounded by the tourists coming to see the tree at Rockefeller centre. Best candy bar of all time is take 5 followed by whatchamacallit. Camper Lance calls in and recommends microwaving a whatchamacallit.

Japanese Kit Kat flavours, Camper Craig calls in to tell about trying a bunch of them. Camper Tyler calls in to inform the guys about jlist. Jay and Christine playing catch in the street got into a confrontation with the family that owns the toy robot store across the street. A guy made an incredibly mean comment about Izabella on twitter. Ben from the golf channel sent out a nice tweet about the bonfire and the guys question its authenticity. Tila Tequila is a white supremacist now. Cool styles of the Wu Tang Clan. Playing passout as a kid. Hot girls eating hot peppers. Mike Lawrence in studio. Riffing as Johnny cash on car karaoke.

Jerry Lewis made a movie where he was a clown who took children to the ovens at Auschwitz. Jay would like cowboy by kid rock played at his funeral. Jay sent Janessa flowers that she never acknowledged, Dan took a girl with a boyfriend to homecoming, and Christine made tapes for a guy who was clearly gay. It's the Christmas episode so anyone who curses has to rip out a pube. Camper Zach calls in to tell about taking a girl to prom, taking her back to his apartment and singing to her and her leaving to hang out with her boyfriend so he ate 20 white castles and drank southern comfort and ended up barfing into the tub as he shit out the burgers.

Dan describes a slutty transfer student at his high school that strung him along then had sex with both a hot dog and tennis racket in front of a bunch of guys. Jay thinks he might be addicted to Afrin. The gang exchanges Christmas gifts. Dans away in Denver, Sharad Small in studio. A comedian friend of theirs was tricked by a transsexual and dated them for a while. Dan talks about his Christmas visit with Trish the Dish and playing wii golf with her.

Christine tells them about the high end keyboard that Jay got her for Christmas. They talk about white supremacists claiming new balance as their official shoes. Camper Heather from Las Vegas calls in to ask the guys what their favorite moment from was. Dan says the second live show New York Comedy Festival or the trial. Jay doing no music dancing might be the moment they laughed the hardest. Christine's favorite was Bobby Kelly storming the stage at the first live show and DJ Lou suggested kip ups, until Jay reminded him of when they got drunk on air.

Antonio Banderas riffing. Camper Mike in MI calls in to tell a story of finding out from a colleague's ex that the guy had given dome ie a blowjob for crack. The next day at work a blunt was going around and Mike shouted "don't pass it to him! He sucks cock! Camper Tyler sent them a gift box of oddly flavoured Kit Kats from Japan. Camper Mark in CA calls in to say his favourite moment was when a camper called in to tell the stury of a trucker being trained, the truck going all over the road, and the female driver turned out to be finger blasting herself.

Mark reveals he was inspired to jerk off while driving, then realized the only paper in the car was his paychek when he was about to cum and jizzed on his paychek. Dan St Germain arrives and tries a Kit Kat that he thinks is awful. They describe the taste of one as "basement floor". DJ Lou talks about the older women he has been banging lately. Dan tells about an awful photo of himself and his grandma's dog that he sent to a woman, immediately regretted sending it, and sent it to Dan St Germain for laughs.

Discussion of how blow job noise can be hilarious but sexy when a girl does it. Camper Tyler calls in and tells the guys what the Kit Kat flavors were: pancake, raspberry, wasabi, Fuji cheesecake, green tea, dark chocolate, chocolate ice cream, caramel, and sweet potato. Lots of old lady riffing because DJ Lou is sleeping with a widow. Camper Niko calls in about being deployed to SE Asia and being hand fed a soya sauce kit kat in a Malaysian whorehouse by a Japanese hooker. Behind the Bonfire documentary: they play some of the un-aired 20 minutes that happened before the first show tech issues caused them to think they were on air but actually weren't , then re-visit Jay introducing Dan to Chet Haze.

Running joke of Dan being on angel dust throughout the episode. They play the Brad call again, then the Tony Danza singing standards bit. Dan jokes that he was beaten as a child with Who's the Boss? They go through the Feldawg saga. They replay when DJ Lou and his girlfriend broke up with him and started banging black guys, and when Jay and Dan found out Lou has a twin. They recap The Trial, giving it an OJ spin "if the fingerless gloves don't fit, you must acquit". Jay is skyping in from Los Angeles. Jay and Christine have been really sick after holiday travel, leading them to talk about waxing nose hairs to breathe better. Jay burns Christine for shitting at the SXM building before the show and they talk about shitting in public.

Jay and Christine are getting healthy, drinking lots of water and eating well, causing more trips to the bathroom. Jay got a lot of ear infections as a kid leading to a discussion of whether breast feeding leads to less ear and bladder infections or not, leading to a discussion of third nipples. Tim Dillon in studio. Story of Tim walking in a blizzard to get a McFlurry. Delicious things from Wawa. They talk about the rumour at every high school about a kid having a dog lick peanut butter off of their crotch. They review Mariah Carey's terrible NYE performance and discuss if it is her or the production company's fault.

Mercface Andy talks about being in Turkey to do stand-up over the holidays. Dan just returned from San Francisco. He and Big Jay converse about the way the city has become - Googlified, gentrified, passive aggressive. Jay recounts a couple of shitty waiter experiences at San Fran restaurants. Jay reveals his mom was a badge bunny. Dan tells about when he wrestled as a child from ages and when another kids dad made fun of him for crying after losing a match. They talk about an upcoming Goddamn Comedy Jam show.

Mike Finoia dresses like a dad. They talk about watching and betting on the Golden Globes and Dan reveals he does something similar with Royal Rumbles. Jay reveals he got angry at an 11 year old boy after losing to him at Madden. Bert Kreischer in studio after second break. A bit about the KGB from his special went viral the previous weekend. Jay tells about some fans who got too drunk, asked him and Christine to go to their house and do some "blow-caine" while the wife kept trying to kiss him on the mouth.

When friends embarrass you at the comedy club, haircuts. Michael Che gave all his texts with a crazy girl he met on an Illuminati dating ap to page 6. Jay is away on ShipRocked, Mark Normand in studio. Mar has had 4 women in 24 hours and had 4 women in 5 nights on last year's Impractical Jokers cruise. Drinking, blackouts and hangover cures. Normand describes tossing glass ashtrays over the bacony of the Balcony Bar in New Orleans and smashing a frat guy's windshield.

A Benny Hill situation ensued, Normand was trying car doors to get away from the guy and ended up getting into the frat guy's car, getting punched and then taken to the drunk tank. Dan talks about times when he wants to dink again. Pat O'Brian ET host drunk video. Mel Gibson's racist voicemail. Pretending Jerry Rafferty is your dad. Greg Stone in studio. Greg encountered what looked like a small child working in a McDonald's. Young girl punching tree trunk. Working in fast food.

A woman who worked at restaurant Emerald Isle with Dan showed him her tits when he was a bus boy there when he was They chat about drones and David Z and then Luis spills an entire cup of coffee. Luis tells about his plans to rob his local KFC back in the day he didn't actually ever go through with it. Camper Brent calls in to tell about stealing shopping carts full of food and beer from WalMart. Camper Dave in Minnesota, who is a cop, calls in to tell Luis if holding a screwdriver and wearing a balaclava behind a KFC counts as a crime: "you're fucked dude". Camper Mike, and attorney, calls in to throw the book at Luis. Camper Will in NJ calls in about a crime spree he went on after returning from Iraq. Camper Chris in TX calls in with a hog hunting story.

Worst areas of crime in the country. Big Jay and Christine describe their fabulous new Keikico blanket. Dan met Tranny Jamie in Seattle the previous weekend. Big Jay was with some amateur comics the previous weekend who were too star struck when Hannibal Buress showed up. Stroked out Sam Elliott impressions. Dan lived above an Indian restaurant that was always blasting Indian music and does some great impressions. The girl Dan is dating is super into reggae after living with Jamaicans.

Big Jay describes being in an Uber with Dave Smith being driven by an approx 50 year old black guy listening to Greg Holden, an acoustic singer-songwriter. Camper Tyler in CO calls in about his love of Japanese heavy metal. Camper Remi in CO calls in about his friend who loves Kpop. The guys check out an out of control teen girl on Dr Phil Danielle Brigoli whose catch phrase is "cash me outside how bout dat? Renee, owner of Keikico blankets, touched base with Christine because the Bonfire's shout out caused them to sell out of blankets!

They return to the topic of "cash me outside" girl. They speculate about a fight between cash me outside and the girl who punches a tree trunk. Phil's dog Maggie bit a friend of Phil and Robin who is suing them. They check out a very dark grainy video of Danielle Brigoli getting beat up. Jacob no longer wants to have kids after seeing this girl. Camp cousellor Stephanie Falconi tweeted at them about how Dr. Phil got Maggie. The superbowl was the night before. Lady Gaga's performance, Humpty Dumpty commercial. Jay watched live and saw Chrissy Tegan's nip slip. The team got sent some Keikico blankets.

DJ Lou smokes in the house. More Danielle Brigoli videos. Dan was in love with Soleil Moon Frye for her massive breasts. Whiteboyz movie trailer. Christine hung out with chollas when she was Video of woman breastfeeding. Deb Donniger in studio to provide DJ Lou with dating advice. A Man and His Dog episode. Middle names. Is showering daily necessary? Video of Cash me outside girl punching someone on an airplane. Chocolate Rain sung as Vanilla Dan.

Video of George Lopez kicking people out of his show. Mike Finoia in studio with Big Jay. Transvestites in female prisons. Lena Dunham said she wishes she'd had an abortion despite never being pregnant. Celebrities butcher singalong of Sweet Caroline at the Grammys. Chance the Rapper. Roy Wood Jr in studio to talk about people's anger over Beyonce not winning album of the year. In Memoriams at the Grammys. New Edition story on BET. Which members of New Kids on the Block are gay? The guys hate-watched Nick Cannon's stand-up special "but do he got dat good dick tho". A virtual diva in the real world? The smooth jazz band The Rippingtons once did a music video for their song "Tourist in Paradise", in which an animated version of the band's trademark anthropomorphic mascot, the Jazz Cat, interacts with the members and some chicks on a beach.

They also did a video for "Curves Ahead", which has the Jazz Cat performing alongside the band members and snowboarding with them. The French pianist Richard Clayderman has a clip, "Smiling Joey", where for some reason he's at his piano in a boat floating down a river while various animated woodland critters are playing the parts of the orchestra. Disney's Princess Kesha. Watch it here. A cartoon duck is crudely overlaid onto the live action footage, but it doesn't convincingly interact with the environment nor seem to have anything to do with what's going on. Jazz singer Al Jarreau note He may be best remembered for the theme song to Moonlighting. Many of Jack Stauber 's videos combine live-action with animation.

Barenaked Ladies ' video for "Get In Line" off the King of the Hill soundtrack has the band superimposed into the animated setting of the show, where they perform the song and spy on resident Conspiracy Theorist Dale Gribble. Cartoon versions of the band also made a non-speaking cameo at the beginning. Similarly, the backbox translite for Last Action Hero includes Whiskers the cartoon cat hanging out with the rest of the human cast. Space Jam , like the film that inspired it, mixes the live-action Michael Jordan with various Looney Tunes characters. As Gertie the Dinosaur was originally a vaudeville act with a man performing live on stage with a cartoon character, it fits here.

Let The Other Wiki explain : McCay would stand on stage in front of a projection screen, dressed in a tuxedo and wielding a whip. He would call Gertie, who appeared from behind some rocks. He then instructed her to perform various tricks, similar to a circus act. He would appear to toss a prop apple to her — McCay palmed the apple while Gertie caught an animated copy of it Theme Parks. Pulled off rather amazingly at this attraction at Universal Studios Japan, which has an animated Woody Woodpecker interact with a live-action character. Video Games. Super Smash Bros. Or, for that matter, Link , Samus , and any other "normal"-looking human characters.

And the coexistence of Link and Toon Link. Sort of an odd case. In Melee , one of the Event Matches pits you against what the game calls the " realistic " characters, presumably contrasted with the "cartoony" characters. But the supposedly realistic characters include the anthropomorphic animal Fox though Fox and friends are space aliens who just happen to look like a bunch of Funny Animal cartoon characters. And the Final Destination stage's changing background is meant to show the characters actually traveling from the video game world to the real world.

Toonstruck , wherein the real world animator Drew Blanc played by Christopher Lloyd gets sucked into the toon world. The protagonists are baffled upon landing on Port Royal and immediately comment that the world looks different. Kingdom Hearts III rectified this by giving the trio pirate attires when they return the third time. The only live-action-style characters in that world are Tron and Sark, though unlike the cast in Port Royal, they look a bit closer to the main human cast. It helps that Space Paranoids is all blue and shiny, and that Sora, Donald and Goofy receive armor that match the world's style.

Like with Port Royal, the cast found there are more realistic, which results in a few awkward scenes, as Sora and Riku, despite their world-exclusive armor , still resemble anime characters. The more cartoonish classic Disney characters like Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Winnie the Pooh , and even realistic looking ones like the Disney Princesses, stick out like sore thumbs next to the Square Enix and Original Generation characters, who use a more modern anime style. Some of the Garry's Mod animations that have realistic characters interacting with cartoonish characters i. Left 4 Dead characters interacting with Team Fortress 2 characters could count as this. Videos in which the Left 4 Dead characters interact with characters from other Valve games not just TF2 also count as this, since the other Valve games exist as games in the L4D universe.

Poker Night at the Inventory They can also get Squashed Flat , hit with flying boxing gloves and missiles, and have other cartoonish things happen to them. Beat may also count since he comes from a realistic-type game but with stylish graphics. Bendy and the Ink Machine features living cartoons who are fictional in-universe emerging from the Ink Machine as you explore the abandoned animation studio. Chapter 2 gives us Boris alive and well. And then there's Sammy Lawrence, who at this point is a hybrid of human and ink-dripping cartoon. Then there's Alice Angel, made from the body of her first voice actress, Susie Campbell. The last chapter reveals that the Ink Machine was made for an attempt to bring the Toons to life so that people could interact with them and get to know them better But it didn't.

Web Animation. Sonic for Hire had an episode where Sonic and Tails interact with the series' creators in live-action. At the end, Steve brings back the portal and causes the Castle to end up in the Real World. The Red vs. Blue episode " Red Vs. Blue Vs. Rooster Teeth " has the cast ending up in the Rooster Teeth offices, in fully CG versions instead of being Halo models. Sam Sprinkles, from Zebra Girl , comes from an alternate dimension inhabited by cartoon animals literally; they are the cartoons of the main ZG universe. In the process of saving his dimension, he ends up trapped in Sandra's.

Love Me Nice takes place in a Who Framed Roger Rabbit -like world where toons are a whole different species with Rule of Funny bred into the blood it's apparently regarded as the toon equivalent of nigga behavior , judging by an argument Mac and Claire have on the subject , and cartoons are live productions made with toon actors. There's even a "Toon Quarter" outside which items like bottomless handbags are contraband , but it's implied to be more like a toon ghetto. The Platypus Comix story True Believers portrays such comic characters as Spider-Man as actual people, and such editors as Joe Quesadilla as both their bosses and their gods any possible comic-world occurrence they write down instantly happens to the characters.

A bizarre example occurs in the tenth issue of Sonichu , in which the author inserts photographs of herself to replace her normal drawn self in order to destroy an evil expy of 4chan The premise of Greystone Inn , in which some of the stars of the Show Within a Show are living cartoon characters. Web Original. Ami Yamato is a 3D-animated virtual vlogger who interacts with real-life people and objects in her videos. She also inserts herself into existing movies and TV shows and interacts with the characters. The Gaming Pixie does this when she travels inside the games she reviews. Obviously the animation is a bit crude, but you have to give them credit for ambition.

Off the Wall is a short student film by Alex Hirsch featuring an animation student named Nick and his animated friend Wallby, a living doodle that moved around on the walls of the school. Animated Analysis on Mr. Coat and Friends consists of a human reviewer, and a sentient drawing of a face who floats around. The Cartoon Man trilogy, in which the live action characters use numerous cartoon props, and travel into and out of a cartoon dimension. The series My Anime Girlfriend features a stereotypical anime girl dating a live-action man. Various My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan videos blend together live-action footage with animation vectors of various characters from the show.

For technical reasons , "The 1s" redirects here. For the band, see The No. Merriam Webster Online Dictionary. A Course in Phonetics 6th ed. Boston: Wadsworth. New Zealand English. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. Oxford University Press, March Online Etymology Dictionary. Retrieved 18 June In Titles and Forms of Address , 21st ed.

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